While we Wait with Bated Breath…Although Baited Breath might Get Us Further

The reward offered by Dogs Deserve Better has turned up no verified credible information to date, although the reward itself is now up to $2500 in pledges for information as to the whereabouts of the Olympic Animal Sanctuary dogs.

If you have confirmed information as to Markwell’s whereabouts or final destination, and it is NOT the one he is scheduled to show up at Tuesday, December 24, in a deal with Guardians of Rescue, the reward money is still up for grabs.

Call us ASAP at 814-207-4586 or e-mail us at dogs@dogsdeservebetter.org. You can also get in touch with Robert at http://www.Seattledogspot.com.

124 dogs are depending on you for their very lives.

Our one promising lead seems to confirm that the dogs were loaded up and are traveling south.

We don’t know if that is good news or bad news, because if they were hunkered down locally they would be harder to find, but they have a greater chance of death enroute if they are truly traversing the countryside, without access to water and food. Forget about exercise.

This recent article by the Peninsula Daily News states that progress is slowed to the secret destination organized by Guardians of Rescue, because “Markwell is the only driver and has been stopping to feed and water the dogs, and to take the dogs out of the trailer for breaks.”


Wait a second…I’m getting deja vu…is this the same kind of walks and food and water Markwell gave them at the warehouse at 1021 Russell Rd. in Forks, Washington without stepping a foot inside the facility?

You don’t think I’m dumb enough to fall for that line twice, do you? Don’t answer that.

Come on, people. One man is driving 124 dogs in a semi (how they are fitting in there is beyond me), and he is stopping and somehow managing to give each of them food and water and WALKS at rest stops along the way?

And no one is noticing poor conditions of dogs in the trailer when he does so?

As dog lovers around the nation, especially those of us who are trying to get dogs released back to our rescues, wait with bated breath for what we still pray will be a Christmas miracle, Markwell continues to be the hero in his own mind by playing keep away with dogs that don’t legally belong to him but to the nonprofit he was tasked with representing.

When Robin Budin and myself went to Forks, Washington in early December to advocate for the release of Sonny back to our rescue, I was dismayed and appalled by the conditions I found at the supposed sanctuary.

Even more appalled to see that Markwell rarely stepped foot in his own ‘facility,’ let alone trained dogs or got them outside for exercise.

And most appalled when I read the comments on the Peninsula Daily News articles at the amount of people still sticking up for Markwell and claiming he’s an awesome guy and we are all just big meanies attacking a poor innocent man.

I really wish I had some of that kool-aid he’s been feeding the good citizens of Forks and his bevy of internet trolls.

I could take over the world! Mwahahahaha….

One of the Forks citizens who treated us badly when we were protesting now understands what the real story is. She sent an apology to Robin that said this “…that building was disgusting, full of large rats and filth. I’m so sorry we were all sticking up for Steve and talking on his behalf. He made us all look stupid and let all of us take the rap for it. This is an apology, and I’m very sorry for not standing with you and the other protestors in support of the dogs.”

Below is a good synopsis of the events as they have taken place, and an overview of the different kinds of hoarders, which I think is important to understand.

[This synopsis doesn’t seem to be showing up, perhaps due to privacy settings. It can be found on the OAS-Life Inside the Sanctuary page on the ‘posts by others.’ It’s by Laura Koerbeer. Entitled ‘Twilight to Nightmare’.]


We went there to advocate on Sonny’s behalf, but we cared about the welfare and safety of every single dog in that warehouse. We rejoiced with the rest of the world when Leroy made it out. We are thinking of Sonny, praying he’s still alive, and hoping for a chance to make up for the mistakes of those in DDB who believed the OAS scam.

Beyond Sonny, we pray for every single dog riding in that semi at this moment. We only pray you can survive long enough to make it to freedom, because that’s what each and every one of you deserves.

Not just freedom, but the love of a home and family and the rehabilitation needed to make all this happen for you. Hold on just a little longer for those of us who love you from afar, thousands of us by now.

Here are some photos of the warehouse trash once the dogs were removed:

"Water" at the OAS warehouse

“Water” at the OAS warehouse

Room after crates removed at the OAS warehouse

Room after crates removed at the OAS warehouse

Is this really water?

Is this really water?

Garbage inside the warehouse, sure to attract a large rat population

Garbage inside the warehouse, sure to attract a large rat population

More garbage. All photos in this blog courtesy seattledogspot.com

More garbage. All photos in this blog courtesy seattledogspot.com