Day Three of Road Trip to VA and Miscellaneous Updates

On Day Three of the Interminable Road Trip to VA form AZ, we have made it to near the Tennessee border. We are driving only 600 miles per day, because although Marty quickly learned how to walk on a leash, Princess is just too feral for that. Therefore we are using puppy pads to potty train them in the hotel rooms (as they lived in a crate for 1.5 years, they naturally think they are SUPPOSED to go in the crate, so that makes housetraining more difficult.)

We’re happy to report on Day Three they are already BOTH solely using the puppy pads in the hotel room, and so now it’s only a matter of walking those pads out toward the yard at the center and we will have two new housetrained doggies!

They are obviously super smart little babies.

We will be back at the center Saturday afternoon, in plenty of time to get them situated before the afternoon walk in the field, which we can’t wait to see. Marty will probably get to join in on that fun, but Princess will have to spend time getting used to the dog yard and integrated with the pack before she graduates to the big field.

We created this video of their progress today, and you can watch Marty running and playing in the hotel room, so adorable.

We are mostly out of the loop on other progress for the dogs as a whole, but here are some links of recent interest: